Welcome to the winter term 2021/22

Dear master's students,

welcome to the Faculty of Economics and Business at Goethe University.

Unfortunately we will not be able to host the Master Welcome Day on the Westend Campus this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. While we cannot welcome you in person to ensure everybody's safety, we would like to offer you some important information to help you with a successful start of your studies.

On this website, you will find information on how to register for courses and exams, introductions to your master's programs and information on faculty and university institutions and services.

Should you have any questions regarding your studies, please contact student counselling at master[at]wiwi.uni-frankfurt[dot]de


General information

For the winter term 2021/22 Goethe University has decided to hold most lectures and seminars on campus again. Access to the campus is only allowed for students and staff.

In order to reduce the risk of spreading the Corona virus, students need to be vaccinated against Covd, tested negative for the voraus or need to have recovereds from an infection.

If you have been vaccinated with a vaccine not accpeted in Germany, you can get a vaccine free of charge at the vaccination centers in Frankfurt.

Please check the university's Corona website regularly for updates: www.uni-frankfurt.de/corona.

Enrollment should be completed by this point and you should be a registered student at Goethe University. If you have any questions regarding enrollment, e.g. regarding your health insurance, please contact the Student Service Center (SSC) at ssc[at]uni-frankfurt[dot]de.

Issuance of your student ID - the Goethe Card - and the login data for the university's IT systems to students living in Germany is an automated process and you will receive your Goethe Card via mail.You will find information on the Goethe Card here and a rundown of the processes connected to issuing the card here.

If you are living outside of Germany and cannot receive all login data by mail, plesae call the university's IT department (HRZ) at 0049 (0)69 798-77710. You will then receive two iTAN numbers you can use to generate a complete list of these. You need the iTAN-list in order to register for courses and exams.

You will find details on the modules offered this semester in the course catalogue here. Please choose your master's program from the list and then choose the different subject areas.

You only need to register for the participation in courses with a limited number of participants. This is noted in the individual course entries in the course catalogue. In order to register for participation, you need your HRZ  password and login. You will find a manual here.

You should not need to register for partifcipation via QIS/LSF for courses being taught online. Please do check the course entries in OLAT, though. Here, you will find information on the formats used for online courses, scripts etc. You will also need your HRZ password and login to enter OLAT.

Please be aware that you need to register for all exams you want to take this semester. You will find a manual here. In order to register for exams you will need the HRZ iTAN list as well as your password and login. Before you can register for exams you have to hand in the "Application for Admission to the Master Examination". We will post a link to the document here once it is available.

Master programs

Greeting of the program director

Introduction to the program

Greeting of the program director

Introduction to the program

Introduction to the program

Services & institutions

The SSIX Info Center is the first point of contact for all students of the Faculty of Economics and Business. If you have general questions concerning your studies you can contact the Info Center.

Due to the current situation, the SSIX Info Center can only be reached by e-mail.

The staff of the examination office will answer all questions regarding the organization of examinations. Kindly note that there are currently no office hours available. Thus, please contact the Examination Office by e-mail only.

All current news from the examination office can be found here.

The Library of Law and Economics is the central library institution of the Faculty of Law (FB 01) as well as Economics and Business (FB 02). In addition to the usual library services, there are over 1000 workplaces for students.

Please note that currently the workplaces are only available to a limited extent. There are timeslots which can be accessed via a booking system. Lending and return of the library's media are not affected by these restrictions.

Y.u will find an online introduction to the library here.

Your HRZ-Account is the basis for using all digital services to organize your studies. If you have any questions regarding the HRZ-Account, please contact the staff at the HRZ-Service Center.

Please note that the contact is currently possible by phone or e-mail only.

The Faculty of Economics and Business offers its students extensive opportunities of studying abroad. If you are interested, individual advice is available at the faculty's international office. Students normally go abroad during their third or fourth semester with applications being due appr. 10 months before the exchange so please plan accordingly.

There will be an info session on opportunities to go abroad for master's students on November 13th at 4 p.m. via Zoom. Please register using this link.

All current information can be found here.

The Faculty's Economics Language Department offers language courses in English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese. For information see here.

The International Study Center offers German courses for international students. See here for more information.

Master Welcome Day